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Pictures of me with performers, collaborators and friends.
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Pam improvises with Ben DickeCollateral Damage NotedQuinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos PintadoQuinteto sobre los Poemas de Carlos PintadoPam improvises accompaniment as Elizabeth reads her poetry. Sirarpi's art is on the screen.Art-Poem-Music collaborators: poet Elizabeth Kirschner, composer Pam Marshall, visual artist Sirarpi Heghinian WalzerIn the orchestra for Barber's Knoxville2006_03Aa-011Body and Soul and Poetry-Inspired solos concert Feb 2008Pam with Veronica Kenney, oboistComposers Richard Nelson, Elizabeth Vercoe, performers Peter Bloom flute, Junko Simons cello, composer Pamela Marshall, Mary Jane Rupert at the harp"2" performed music by composers Pamela Marshall, Richard Nelson, Elizabeth Vercoe